XII 2014

The drums have already been recorded. The guitars will be ready soon. The lyrics have been dictated to us. And one more time we shall go down to the Altars in Hell. To Tchort, the Giver of Life.

XII 2013

Non Opus Dei / Morowe split – reviews, interviews…

dz w locie inv

Motrem zine (CZ)

Occult Black Metal zine (EN) – interview

Black Metal Spirit (EN) – interview

Panzerfaust Zine (EN)


Darker than Black, Blacker than Hate (PL)

Crossfire (GER)

Limiter (PL)

Ech(((o)))es and Dust (EN)

Sicmaggot (CZ)

Chaos Vault (PL)

Wonderbox metal (EN)

We are from Poland – WAFP (PL)

Psycho Zine (PL)

Metal Rulez (PL)

Black Metal Spirit (EN)

X 2013

PROPAGANDA CHAOSU helps us spread the message behind “Dziwki Dwie” – our split album with Morowe



PROFILE – Propaganda Chaosu

propaganda chaosu inv

DZIWKI DWIE – split CD Non Opus Dei / MOROWE – interviews, reviews:

Review – Metal Rulez (PL)

Review – Occult Black Metal Zine (ENG)

“Review – Violence Magazine (PL)

Interview – Psychozine (PL)

Review – Violence Online (PL)

Review – EverMetal’zine (PL)

dwie cz b

IX 2013

Non Opus Dei/Morowe split CD available here – WITCHING HOUR


IX 2013 – the split CD Non Opus Dei/Morowe- DELAYED!

According to Witching Hour Productions, the split CD Non Opus Dei/Morowe will be out in the second week of September.

VIII 2013

“Dziwki Dwie” – “Two Whores” – one of the songs from the upcoming split with Morowe and the concept of the album.


VII 2013

one, two
two whores waiting for you
three, four
which one will you go for?

…well, now you can have both of them – thanks to WITCHING HOUR (pre-order)

VII 2013

We are proud to announce that a split album by the bands Morowe and Non Opus Dei will be published in August 2013 by Witching Hour. The split is entitled “Dziwki Dwie” (“Two Whores”). It will contain totally new songs of the bands with all the lyrics in Polish.

Non Opus Dei
1. Dziwki Dwie
2. Kres Hańby
3. Szaleniec, głupiec, opętany
4.Obustronne oczy patrzą
5. Kat kota
6. Czyj to głos?

nod morowe flier

VI 2013

Photos from “Black Metal at Kupala Night, Olsztyn 22.06.2013”

V 2013

LIVE !!!
22 VI 2013 Olsztyn
29 VI 2013 Kraków
30 VI 2013 Warszawa

plakat_koncert_22.06.2013_na strony internetowe

plakat kr war

IV 2013

The band is working on the songs for the new album. We have just recorded three new tracks. We decided to go for an old school style live recording in the studio (with all the musicians and their amps in the same room), with no overdubs, and no post-production tweaking. The result is amazing and we are convinced that this is the right sound for our full album.

The three abovementioned tracks recorded live in Bat Studio in Olsztyn will probably be published as a split in September 2013 – as the herald of our new album.

We have also started playing live again.

Live video for “The Prisoner of the Worlds”, prepared by Bartek Rogalewicz (

“Water for the Dead” – live performance:

Photos (live)


II 2013
NON OPUS DEI – live again !!!

I 2013

Non Opus Dei hasn’t played live since 2007, but it is going to change soon…

26 January 2013
Nowy Andergrant
ul.Kołobrzeska 32, 10-432 Olsztyn Olsztyn

A special gig, organized in memory of our friend Szymon Czech. More information   HERE

29 June 2013
Rotunda Centrum Kultury

In Vain
Non Opus Dei
Mind Affliction
Inverted Mind

More information soon!

X 2012

Some news about our project – ALNE– HERE

V 2012

A few songs from different albumsHERE

V 2012

Interview with Non Opus Dei in the 10th issue of Ulvhel magazine.

Ulvhel – the contents of the magazine – HERE

Ulvhel – have a look at the flier – HERE

IV 2012

The debut album of our project ALNE is out! More information – HERE

10 II 2012

Even if you asked me a hundred times, it all will remain a mystery. She.

16 XI 2011

The gig in Poznan (20 November 2011) has been CANCELLED by the organizer due to circumstances beyond our control.

9 XI 2011

Interview for Psychozine.

28 IX 2011
The band is composing songs for their new album and also preparing for live shows. The first performance is taking place on 20th November in Poznan, at the Blue Note Club.

27 IX 2011

There have been some changes in the line-up. Buddah was replaced by Horizon who also plays the guitar in AEON(An Extravagance Of Norm) from Olsztyn.

26 IX 2011
An in-depth interview on Lurker’s Path.

24 IX 2011
Non Opus Dei – facebook profile

15 VII 2011
We finished working on the ALNE album and we are looking for a label!

15 IV 2011
One of the songs of our new project is ready. We started working with Szymon Czech on the final mixdown and mastering.

More information about ALNE and one of the songs here

15 XII 2010
We have just started rehearsals connected with our new profect – ALNE. More information soon.

25 X 2010
Dead trees, toadstools and other “varia”…

Have a look at them!

18 X 2010
Some information about reviews and interviews connected with “Eternal Circle”.

Read about the interviews here

Read about the reviews here

15 IX 2010
“Eternal Circle” is published by Witching Hour Production.

It speaks, it is silent,
it dies, it is reborn again.
The cycle is completed.
The wheel keeps turning.

26 VIII 2010

Have a look at the design of the “Eternal Circle” CD and LP at the following address:

Two songs from the upcoming album on our myspace.

The new album out on 15th September!

18 VII 2010
Bartek Rogalewicz ( about the visual side of the album:

The concept for the visual aspect of the album refers to the nineteenth-century spirit photography, to the works by Witkacy, and to the idea of the Eternal Circle. The photos for the artwork were taken e.g. in Prague and in the heavily flooded areas of Poland. This aesthetics is also pursued by the video clip which is prepared simultaneously with the photographs. The video is an artistic film etude for the song “Woda dla Umarłych” (“Water for the Dead”).

01 VII 2010
The front cover of the new album is ready! It was prepared by Bartek Rogalewicz (

29 VI 2010
The album is out on 15th September by Witching Hour Productions and it will be available both as vinyl and as a special CD pack containing a large, unusual booklet.

26 VI 2010
The new album

Witching Hour will soon publish our new album – “Eternal Circle”. The Eternal Wheel is some kind of obsession for this band, and it could already be noticed on the previous albums of Non Opus. The Eternal Wheel is also the main idea behind the new album. That is why Nietzsche’s Demon and his story appear here. This time the everlasting circle of birth, growing and death is seen from the perspective of the eternal recurrence. Nietzsche’s Demon forces us to make a step forward, to evolve into a higher form. Some other themes which appear in the lyrics are connected with the pre-christian spirituality of the lands we come from. All this is interwoven with some visions and dreams. More information about the ideas which are behind our new work – soon.

24 VI 2010
Nietzsche’s Demon

In my loneliest hour a demon came to me one night and said to me: “Tell me, do you love this life? Because you will have to live it a and again. The great as well as the despicable things, every pleasure and sorrow. So, tell me, do you love this life?”.

You are asking me if I cursed this demon? No, I just said: “My friend… I want this”.

14 VI 2010
Deal signed with Witching Hour Productions. “Eternal Circle” out in September.

15 IV 2010
Bartek Rogalewicz ( starts working on the design and photographies connected with the concept of the album.

10 IV 2010
Szymon Czech finishes the final mix down and mastering of the new songs.

5 III 2010
Studio-X, Olsztyn. Again – three days of work. At this studio Rochu recorded the bass guitar, Klimorh recorded the vocals and we reamped all the guitar tracks.

1 III 2010
We spent one day at Elephant Studio where Klimorh and Budda recorded all the guitar tracks.

25 I 2010
Bat Studio, Olsztyn – here begins the recording session of “Eternal Circle”. It took Gonzo three days to record the drums. The recording was supervised by Szymon Czech and Michał Bagiński.


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