LYRICS – “Dziwki Dwie”


The eternal war has just been unleashed again. I do not get involved. I am just standing aside, watching this battle. The encounter between the two powers, the two totally opposite ideas, which cannot coexist peacefully with each other. Never.

The first one is the avatar of the power which is always against stagnation and degradation. She is beyond any words, since words cannot describe her. She is beyond this world, because this world is not enough for her. The avatar of evolution, development, conquest… She will live until there remain any unknown spaces, previously undiscovered continents, ideas, immensities, galaxies… Or maybe I should say – she will live until we can find for ourselves any unknown spaces, previously undiscovered continents, ideas, immensities, galaxies.          

She wants you to be sinister, free, unbridled and full of might. She wants to take off the chains of space and time which imprison you.

And today she has to face her biggest enemy.

She is opposed by the Power which wants to lead us straight into the consumer paradise. The paradise of ubiquitous safety, love, technology, tolerance. The heaven in which we are breastfed by the Radio-Computer-Television Mother. The place where we are in stagnation, suspended between life and death, but not really knowing any of these two states. The paradise in which we are weak and addicted. We just stand motionless, because we know that there are no new worlds to be conquered, there are no more warriors to be defeated, there are no more ideas to get acquainted with.

She wants us to become slaves. Weak, crying, dying, hollow, insipid. Junkies addicted to empty slogans.

One, two – two whores waiting for you. Three, four – which one will you go for?


Only the concept of the lyrics is available in English.


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